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The Fly Superlace X; Made to ensure that you have the best fighting experience possible, so that you can take your performance to new levels. We know how important it is to have gloves that tick all of the boxes, which is why we designed the Superlace X. Providing you with protection, comfort, durability and style all in one pair of ultimate gloves that you’ll be reaching for every time. 

The Superlace X have our superior lace-up design, ensuring that your hands, wrists, and knuckles are secure when you’re in the ring. Offering unparalleled durability, which is evident throughout from our specially engineered robust artificial leather, to the lining and double stitching that adorns the exterior of these gloves. Incorporating our unique high density foam, designed for optimal comfort, support and feel and with an ergonomic hand position so your hands feel comfortable whenever you’re training or fighting. It’s a glove that can be used for all kinds of training, whether you’re new to boxing or a professional in the game. 

Crafted from our highly-robust engineered artificial leather, with the same foam and lining construction as our Premium line so you can be sure of their strength and durability from day one. The Superlace X is adorned with our signature Fly Icarus, and the Fly logo. Available in a selection of colourways, providing you with endless options for your gloves of choice. 


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