From the age of 11, I worked in a boxing and martial arts store that my father ran in the UK. It was there that I learned the appreciation for a high quality product and the art of selling. I got to meet and train with a wide variety of martial artists who influenced my passion for combat sports.  

I moved to Vancouver in 2012, a few months after meeting my Canadian girlfriend (now my wife) in England.

My first Christmas here I was searching for a pair of boxing gloves for my nephews.  After searching the limited stores and options that were available, I had to settle with what I thought was a mediocre product.  

Although availability in Canada has come a long way since 2012, I am constantly frustrated by the difficulty and high duty costs of shopping online. I miss the products I grew up with and sold back home.

So in 2018, along with my wife, we decided to bring some of these products to Canada ourselves. To me, this business is one fuelled by a love of the sport of boxing and mixed martial arts and an appreciation for quality, and products that look as good as they function. 

My approach goes beyond making the product accessible, my real excitement is around the opportunity to help build community. My father knew everyone because his store wasn't just about selling.

By connecting with fight enthusiasts and gyms in person, I will not only ensure people have the opportunity to touch-and-feel products before buying and save on shipping costs and time, I will be part of building that same community feeling my father had back in the UK.