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What Is Hydrogen-Rich Water (HRW)?

HRW is just water with free hydrogen (H2) molecules dissolved into it. Adding Drink HRW Tablets to water is like adding carbon dioxide bubbles, only more beneficial.

Why Should I Use Drink HRW Tablets?

Drink HRW Tablets deliver more hydrogen to your cells than any other product on the market. Our tablets have been clinically-shown (yes, they used Drink HRW in the studies!) to have health benefits ranging from enhanced alertness to reductions in liver fat to improved aerobic fitness.

  •  DRINK HRW STUDY #1: Improved Alertness.In a 2020 study published in the journal Neurophysiology, Drink HRW tablets improved alertness in sleep deprived participants equally to caffeine, with none of the side effects.(1)
  •  DRINK HRW STUDY #2: Metabolic Enhancement. Compared to placebo, Drink HRW tablets improved 18 of 20 markers of metabolic health in 60 adults with metabolic syndrome.(2)
  •  DRINK HRW STUDY #3: Liver Health. In a 2019 randomized controlled trial, Drink HRW tablets significantly reduced liver fat accumulation, improved insulin sensitivity by 11%, and reduced AST by 10% in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). (3)
  •  DRINK HRW STUDY #4: Enhanced Aerobic Fitness. n a 2018 randomized controlled trial, women showed improvements in cardiorespiratory fitness (VO2 max), time to exhaustion and total work completed after using Drink HRW Tablets. (4)

Are There Other Benefits of Hydrogen Water?

The above studies only scratch the surface of what molecular hydrogen can do. Researchers call hydrogen a “master regulator” because it brings many processes in the human body into harmony.(4) Thirteen years of clinical research show that molecular hydrogen has rejuvenative effects, including improvements in energy, exercise capacity, and metabolic health. Molecular hydration also supports a healthy inflammatory response, a key component of healthy aging.

Who Are Drink HRW Tablets For?

Pro athletes from the NFL, NHL, UFC and CrossFit Games use Drink HRW to gain an edge over the competition. But Drink HRW isn’t just for athletes. Anyone can benefit from the mind-body harmonizing effects of molecular hydrogen. And in case you were wondering, there are no reported side effects attributed to drinking hydrogen water in all the published literature.

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