Genuine leather. Designed in Poland, hand – sewn in Thailand.

Robust and functional, these leather boxing gloves with a strong Velcro band and a built-in wrist stabiliser are the ultimate choice for an all-round boxing training. They have all the advantages of typical Velcro gloves- they take seconds to put on and adjust, without the typical handicaps: a special opening on the inner side provides ventilation for your hand, additional leather fold prevents abrasion from the Velcro hooks, and the wrist stabiliser secures your carpal bones.

Equipped with multiple layers of foam padding, hand-sewn from quality cowhide they will suit your perfectly as all-purpose gloves- for pad work, sparring sessions, and dynamic boxing bag workouts. Available in 4 weight types and five color designs.

Available in 4 sizes: 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz and five designs.

Gloves sizing

Three key factors to consider when choosing your boxing gloves are- your own weight, your hand’s circumference, and the preferred type of training. With a bit of research, you’ll find mitts that will, well, fit you like a glove.

8-10 oz boxing gloves typically used in competitions, though they may also be used for pad work/bag workouts by the boxers in welterweight class, or with smaller hands (612’’ circumference).

12 oz  used by most for pad work/ dynamic bag workouts. Good fit for boxers in middleweight/light heavyweight class, and boxers with average-sized hands (714 -812’’ circumference).

14-16 oz popular choice for free sparring sessions, sometimes also pad and bag work (helpful in building up stamina). Good choice for heavyweight boxers or users with larger hands.


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