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Keep your gloves fresh and odor-free with the YOKKAO Gloves Deodorizer. Made using natural bamboo charcoal, our glove deodorizers eliminate post-workout moisture and prevent mold/bacteria, helping to increase the usage life of the gloves. They are suitable for all types of gloves including winter gloves, ski gloves, hockey gloves and even shoes or gym bags. YOKKAO gloves deodorizers are lightweight and can fit easily in any gym or sports bag, making them an essential accessory for all combat sports practitioners and fitness enthusiasts.

YOKKAO’s deodorizing pockets are filled with high-quality mature Moso bamboo charcoal, which naturally draws out moisture and prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria whilst reducing the risk of infection from these harmful bacterias. Simply slip the deodorizers into your gloves after training and awful smelling training gear will be a thing of the past.

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